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looky loo

28 January
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im mallory. just another girl going through stuff(half crappy) which is useful in ways we need not know. half the time life is alright. the other half. well you could say im just here. or there. numb to whatever my surroundings

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adali, africa, alexander mcqueen, alice in wonderland, american history x, asprin, bedknobs and broomsticks, big sunglasses, blow, blue nile, books, boondock saints, breakfast at tiffanys, brown, buddhism, cameras, cannabis, charlottes web, chillen, chinese food, chitty chitty bang bang, christina ricci, cosmopolitan, creating, cutting hair, dancing, dandilions, dead roses, def leopard, dirty hippies, downtown, drawing, edward scissorhands, fight club, finding nemo, flashdence, fox and the hound, fried green tomatoes, friends, ganesh, ganja, gay purr-ee, getting high, goodnight moon, greek food, green, hemp, hendrix, henna tattoos, herb, high heels, hinduism, holding hands, hoodied sweatshirts, hot hot heat, ice cream, incense, india, indian food, jack in the box, jack johnson, kirsten dunst, kissing, la, lauryn hill, learnin to fly, lenny kravits, loud speakers, love, make-up, making love, marilyn monroe, marley, matt pa, men, michael lord, mike jones, mommie dearest, monks, monsters inc., movies, my "g" jennifer, my chemical romance, my mother, pablo picasso, pat the bunny, peta, photography, pinocchio, proenza schouler, pulp fiction, purses, rain, riding the train, roller coasters, romances, running through sprinklers, sand under my feet, seafood, sephora, serendipity, shopping, singing, skirts, sleeping, slurpeeeeeeeeees, smelly candles, snow, snow flakes, snuggling, spun, stars, stuffed animals, suicidal tendancies, the classics, the colour pinkk, the drip, the fuggees, the girly things, the hours, the mall, the notebook, the secret garden, the velveteen rabbit, the wizard of oz, tom petty, vally of the dolls, walks along the beach, white stripes, women, writing